Monday, April 10, 2023

Dorina Lazo Gilmore-Young


With an aptitude for weaving multiculturalism into her works, Dorina Lazo Gilmore-Young invites young readers into the beauty of other cultures through engaging stories and a focus on God's greatness. 

In her latest picture book, Chasing God's Glory, Gilmore-Young encourages families to actively pursue God's glory together while naturally folding in cultural details about the main character, Zayla. 

Let's jump into the interview to learn more about Dorina and her literary endeavors.

1) Which children's book has most impacted you? Why?
Nine Days To Christmas was my favorite picture book as a child. Although it was about a little Mexican girl and I am not of Mexican descent, I identified with the culture and saw myself represented in the beautiful brown skin of the main character Ceci. That book was an invitation into Ceci's world, and I love the way my mama read it aloud to me!

2) What do you love about writing for children?
I love creating colorful imagery and playing with the cadence of words. Kids are so fun to engage. They love stories and language. I like to speak to all of their senses through my stories!

3) Cora Cooks Pancit
received the 2009 Picture Book of the Year Award from the Asian Pacific American Librarians Association. What sparked your idea for this book?
I grew up in the kitchen with my mama and grandmas and aunties. I loved the storytelling that happened there. I got the idea to write Cora because many of my cousins in my generation didn't know how to make Grandma's pancit. This is a traditional dish in the Philippines. Every family makes it a little differently. The recipe and the book were created to honor my Grandma Cora, who is in heaven now.

4) What do you hope readers take away from your newest book, Chasing God's Glory?
I hope readers of all ages are inspired to go on a treasure hunt for God's glory in their everyday experiences.

5) In addition to writing for kids, you have written devotions and Bible studies for adults. How do you balance working on your craft for both adults and children
I'm not sure balance is even possible. I have different seasons for different types of writing. I'm usually editing one project while I'm creating the next. The work ebbs and flows. I try to stay in tune to where the Holy Spirit is leading me next.

6) What is one practical way parents can help their children chase God's glory? 
Start talking about it! I have conversations with my daughters in the car, at the dinner table, and as we go about our daily lives. We are constantly calling out ways we have experienced God during our days. Make it a part of your normal conversation. This will encourage your kids to go looking for God's glory for themselves.

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DORINA LAZO GILMORE-YOUNG is a speaker, podcaster, spoken word artist, and author. As a remarried widow, Dorina helps people chase after God’s glory on life’s unexpected trails and flourish in their God-given callings. An award-winning children’s author, Dorina has also worked as a journalist, social entrepreneur, missionary, and Bible study teacher. She serves as a storyteller for Dayspring's (in)courage, the visionary leader for Lead Loved helping equip Christian women leaders, and the president of the Redbud Writers Guild. Dorina and her husband Shawn are raising three brave daughters in Central California. Together they started the Global Glory Chasers membership and love to cook, eat, and travel together.

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